We inform all WSCC2018 participants that according the arrangement of
the organizing committee with the Albanian Foreign Ministry :

a) Players, coaches and acc. persons   from countries that need a visa,
who have not completed the online application/ or  they have not
received the confirmation of approval by the consulate, then they Must
Complete the application form (attached),  completed and signed for
each  participant.

b) The  signed application  form must be sent  to Albanian Chess
Federation  to be  confirmed ( signed and stamped) within the 15- th
of March. (deadline)

c) visas will be taken at the  Albania  at Rinas Airport.

d)  all the participants will be provided with a confirmation document
to get  visa at the Albanian border, after the completion of the
documents verification procedure

e)  Payment of the visa fee will be made at Rinas Airport (attached
visa fees  doc. for adults / excluding players)

Applications  forms confirmed by Albanian Chess Federation
along with:
–  list of participants  confirmed by the respective federations
–  list of  all participants that need visas
–  copy of  their passports
will be sent  from Albanian Chess Federation  to Albanian Foreign
Ministry  in order to be confirmed by the respective bodies .

Countries who need and do not need visa entry to Albania:

List for Visa Albania_Countries






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